We wish all of our readers  a happy and prosperous New Year!

we are the children of the mother earth.
we may belong to different nations.
we may speak different languages.
we may practice different religions.

As the children of this beautiful , kind hearted mother,
we should love each other.
we should respect each other.
we should learn about each other.

Always remember,
we  are also space travelers of a tiny space ship
called earth.
A  tiny air covered space ship,
traveling  at 65000  miles per hour
through the expanding space
to regions
no one ever traveled before.

as the children  of mother earth
we should look after our mother.
as the space travelers,
we should look after the space ship
in which  travel.

May the new year  bring all the happiness,
peace, love, and dignity to all of us.

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Poem: The Tropical Man! By V.N.Giritharan


While lying on the bed,
I glanced through the windows
to see the Urban night sky.

The sky without stars!

Melancholic thoughts engulf me.

The thoughts of the tropical night
bring back the good old memories
of the land
I left a long time ago.

The star-twinkling night sky!
The large-eyed owls!
The night-roaming bats!

The tropical man
I am.
longing for the
lost memories


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My English Poems!

My English Poems!
writing599Some of my English poems are available at PoemsHunter.Com in text and audio format. These poems talk about my thoughts on nature, E.T, urbanization, my mother land, life on this universe , my childhood memories and war mongering world politics. ‘My Humble Request To The Bellicose Rulers Of The World’ requests the leaders of the modern world to learn from the wars and their atrocities of the past. Birds always fascinate me because of their ability to fly freely over the lands divided among themselves in the name of religion, language and various divisions . ‘Einstein, My Dad And I’ describes my childhood memories fondly. The (M) Other Land talks about how my mother land became the other land. I encourage you to go through the site and enjoy the poems in the format of your choice.

1. Beseeching Mother Nature! By V.N.Giritharan 9/10/2013
2. My Belief On E.T By V.N.Giritharan 9/10/2013
3. A Squirrel And I By V.N.Giritharan 9/10/2013
4. The Damsels Of The Night Sky And Their Giggles. 9/10/2013
5. The Wanderers Of The Sky And Their Cry Of Melancholy. By V.N.Giritharan 9/11/2013
6. Night By V.N.Giritharan 9/16/2013
7. The (M) Other Land! 9/18/2013
8. An Urban Folk’s Cry! By V.N.Giritharan 9/22/2013
9. Einstein, My Dad And I By V.N.Giritharan 1/14/2014
10. The Earth! By V.N.Giritharan 1/14/2014
11. An Object Oriented Program! 1/14/2014
12. A Refugee’s Thoughts On Birds By V.N.Giritharan 9/10/2013
13. My Humble Request To The Bellicose Rulers Of The World!


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V.N.Giritharan (Navaratnam Giritharan ) Poems – Poem Hunter


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Poem: An Urban Folk’s Cry! By V.N.Giritharan


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Poem: A Jealous Poet! By V.N.Giritharan

I am jealous of  birds.

Some times I dream of

placing myself

in their shoes.

When the ground blooms

in the spring,

They arrive here, the North

from the South.

They are tireless flyers.

When the leaves leave the trees

They too leave from the North to the South.

In between,

they mate,

they lay eggs, and

when the eggs hatch,

they look after their offspring

until they become full fledged birds;

until they are ready

to spread their wings.

As I face the wintery environment,

they fly back to the warmer sky.

As they leave for the South,

A kind of sadness envelopes me.

Many years ago,

I left my home land

like these birds.

Since my arrival here

as an immigrant,

as a refugee,

I have been dreaming about

the land I left.

While, I am still dreaming

about sharing my life

in between the land I left

and the land I reach,

the Canadian Geese

live my dream

year after year.

I am jealous of them

for the way they divide

their life;

for the way

they accomodate

the best from both worlds.


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The Earth!

The Earth!
Which bird
lays this
magnificent egg?

An egg
produces lives
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An object oriented program!

Falling leaves, chirping birds,
blue skies, trees, lakes, twinkling stars,
Who wrote the code
of this program of space-time
where we all function?
An object oriented program.
This program has bugs like
all other programs,
but exceptional
in one aspect:
It allows
its objects
to fix its bugs.
Though the fixes
are not perfect and
they can be upgraded
by continual service packs
by the objects themselves,
not by the programmer.
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Poem- Einstein, My Dad and I By V.N.Giritharan

looking at the starry night sky,
Beside my dad,
in front of our house,
A sweet childhood memory!
As he lay down on the easy chair,
I find a hammock in the 
*Sarong he wore..
While looking at the night sky,
listening to him
from the hammock
where I lay down
is my favorite pass time.
He talked about stars;
He talked about planets;
He talked about satellites;
He talked about many other
astronomical things.
I listened; listened; listened
with great interest.
I felt wonder when listening to him.
I felt astonishment when looking at him.
In one of these precious moments,
He talked about Albert Einstein.
That was the first time
I heard about him.
he has been my favorite
person of knowledge
there after.
Space and Time are
no longer separate;
No longer absolute,
but relative
the speed of light.
Space and Time are
no longer separate
A non separable.
space-time continuum.
We exist in
the space-time continuum,
he declared.
Einstein, A man of
cosmic intellect;
A true
knowledge – revolutionary
on space-time.
* Sarong – A fabric often wrapped around the waist and worn by men and women in many Asian countries. It is also known as lungi in India.
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My humble request to the bellicose rulers of the world! By V.N.Giritharan

This is my humble request
to the bellicose rulers
of the world.

Do you know Ashoka?

Ashoka the great,
a great Indian emperor
who ruled the country
two thousand years ago.

He, a warmonger
became a great

He , a warrior
became a great

He fought a bloody
war in Kalinga.

A war of destruction.

A war of
great human tragedy.

Ashoka the great,
a great Indian emperor
witnessed the human
tragedy which he himself

Witnessing the
war and its effects,
affected him
changed him

Ashoka , a man of war
became a man of
love ; a man of

Two thosand years ago
a war changed him
into a peace loving
man, a Buddhist.

You Demagogues,
You Hypocrites,
You warmongers,

how many wars
Have you, rulers
of the modern world,
in the name of
in the name of
in the name of
in the name of

My humble request
to you, bellicose rulers
of the world, is

When are you
going to learn
a lesson
from the past;
from the story
of Ashoka,
a great Indian emperor,
who ruled the country
two thousand years ago?

* Ashoka: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ashoka

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