Poem: A Jealous Poet! By V.N.Giritharan

I am jealous of  birds.

Some times I dream of

placing myself

in their shoes.

When the ground blooms

in the spring,

They arrive here, the North

from the South.

They are tireless flyers.

When the leaves leave the trees

They too leave from the North to the South.

In between,

they mate,

they lay eggs, and

when the eggs hatch,

they look after their offspring

until they become full fledged birds;

until they are ready

to spread their wings.

As I face the wintery environment,

they fly back to the warmer sky.

As they leave for the South,

A kind of sadness envelopes me.

Many years ago,

I left my home land

like these birds.

Since my arrival here

as an immigrant,

as a refugee,

I have been dreaming about

the land I left.

While, I am still dreaming

about sharing my life

in between the land I left

and the land I reach,

the Canadian Geese

live my dream

year after year.

I am jealous of them

for the way they divide

their life;

for the way

they accomodate

the best from both worlds.


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