Poem- Einstein, My Dad and I By V.N.Giritharan

looking at the starry night sky,
Beside my dad,
in front of our house,
A sweet childhood memory!
As he lay down on the easy chair,
I find a hammock in the 
*Sarong he wore..
While looking at the night sky,
listening to him
from the hammock
where I lay down
is my favorite pass time.
He talked about stars;
He talked about planets;
He talked about satellites;
He talked about many other
astronomical things.
I listened; listened; listened
with great interest.
I felt wonder when listening to him.
I felt astonishment when looking at him.
In one of these precious moments,
He talked about Albert Einstein.
That was the first time
I heard about him.
he has been my favorite
person of knowledge
there after.
Space and Time are
no longer separate;
No longer absolute,
but relative
the speed of light.
Space and Time are
no longer separate
A non separable.
space-time continuum.
We exist in
the space-time continuum,
he declared.
Einstein, A man of
cosmic intellect;
A true
knowledge – revolutionary
on space-time.
* Sarong – A fabric often wrapped around the waist and worn by men and women in many Asian countries. It is also known as lungi in India.
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