Poem: An Urban Folk’s Cry! By V.N.Giritharan

Trees -> Sky Trees!

The boastful human’s

Sky Trees!
The trees of technology!

The ego of the modern human!

The Images,
the electromagnetic dances
of waves.

The image- controlled spaces,
the lives of humans continue

Do the Sky Trees
produce foods?
Do the Sky Trees
produce fruits?

Can we drink from the illusionary
lakes of asphalt?

Oh! Twinkle, twinkle
little stars! .
Without you,
the urban night sky
feels lonlieness.
Do you know that?

Oh! My flying friends!
Oh! My swimming friends!
Oh! my walking friends!
Oh! my crawling friends!

My dear friends,
Where are you?
Where are you hiding?

Tell me! Please tell me!
Show me your faces
at least

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